Beyond the Music


Before You Sail

Before You Sail

Check in with Norwegian

Complete online check in 48 hours prior to sailing using the reservation number we emailed you. Not sure what your reservation number is? Contact us and we can help.

Double-check your documentation

Every guest needs to have proper documentation to board the ship.

Review what documents are accepted here

Print Your eDocs

Once everyone in your cabin has completed online check-in with Norwegian, you can print out your eDocs.

This option is available on Norwegian's website up to 72 hours prior to sailing.

After You've Checked In

After You've Checked In


Once checked in, you may make a dinner reservation for a specialty restaurant or book an appointment for Mandara Spa to relax and rejuvenate. Check our event schedule to plan a time that works best for you.


Contact Ship

Contact Ship

Contact Phone Number

Need a contact number to give loved ones at home?  From the USA, they can dial 1.888.NCSHIPS (1.888.627.4477). From the rest of the world, please dial 1.732.335.3280. Let them know the name of the ship is Norwegian Pearl.

Where is the cruise terminal?

Tampa Cruise Terminal Address:

1101 Channelside Dr.
Tampa, FL 33602

Port of Tampa website:
Contact Phone Number: (813) 905-7678



Alcohol Policy

Please note that with the exception of wine and champagne, all guests are prohibited from bringing alcohol on board our ships.

The following corkage fees apply, per bottle, for any wine or champagne brought on board. 

750 ml Bottle: $15.00 USD

1,000 ml Bottle: $20.00 USD

1,500 ml Magnum: $30.00 USD

To speed up the process of checking your wine or champagne at the port, print out this form and bring it with you.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited indoors, in staterooms and balconies, as well as outdoor dining areas, and other various outdoor areas on the ship. This includes regular cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars or pipes.

Smoking is only permitted on the Port side of the Pool Deck (Decks 12 and 13), in the casino (limited to those engaged in active game play during gaming hours), and on the Port Side of Deck 7.

Smoking inside your stateroom or on your balcony will result in a $250 USD cleaning charge added to your onboard account.

Tips for the Terminal



Proper Documentation

To check in at the Port of Tampa and board the ship, you must have proper documentation.  Do not place it in your checked bag, keep it on you to take into the cruise terminal to present at the check in counter. You will not be allowed to board the ship without proper documentation.


If you were unable to print your Edocs prior to embarkation day (March 31st), then please proceed to the port with proper documentation.

Check your bags

Check your bags

Ditch those heavy bags!

Lighten your load! Check your bags with a porter before you enter the cruise terminal for easy boarding.

Bags will be delivered to your room by 8:00pm ET so be sure to keep anything you might need in your carry on bag (passport, medicine, etc.).

 *Please note that curbside porters are not employees of Norwegian and it’s customary to tip them $1 per bag



Breeze through Security

You can keep your shoes on but belts and laptops will need to go into a bin for screening. Also, wine and champagne need be taken out. Just like at the airport, throw away open drink containers, and empty your pockets.

For your theme night attire, please keep in mind that anything that may look like a weapon may be seized by security agents so it's better to leave those items safely at home.

Bringing Wine?

Bringing Wine?

Pay Corkage Fees Prior to Check In

If you brought wine or champagne, stop at the table immediately after security to pay the corkage fee of $15.00 each for a 750 ml Bottle or $30.00 each for a 1,500 ml Magnum. Yes, you still have to pay the corkage fee if it's a twist off bottle of wine.

Onboard Spending

Onboard Spending

Set Up Your Onboard Spending Account

All purchases on the ship are made with your the Melissa Etheridge Cruise keycard. As you complete check in at the Port of Tampa, you will be asked to put down a method of payment for all your onboard purchases. All purchases you make on the ship will be tied to this method of payment. If you're setting up a cash account, you will do that on the ship but for credit cards, you will set that up in the cruise terminal.

Read up on all the details here.


What to Bring

What to Bring

Review Our Packing List

Check out our helpful packing list here to make sure you're all set!

For those of you who received Welcome Kits prior to sailing, be sure to wear your Melissa Etheridge Cruise lanyard and laminate so you can easily spot fellow MEC cruisers! We also encourage you to wear the clear pouch that was provided - this is a great place to be able to store your schedule and keycard during your time on board. If you did not receive a Welcome Kit prior to sailing, no worries - we'll have them delviered to your cabin on Embark night! Feel free to stop by the Guest Services desk (Deck 7, MID) with any questions.

What Not to Bring

What Not to Bring

Some Things are Better Left at Home

Review what to leave behind while you're packing your suitcase.

I'm at the port, now what?

High Five

High Five

Get Ready to Party!

Nothing says your vacation has officially started like a high five from our Sixthman team! Your cruise Warrior, Sixthman Jena, will be standing at the top of the gangway waiting to high five each and every one of you as you board the ship!

When on board, feel free to explore your new home - have a look around and make a note of where the stages are, so you'll be ready to catch your favorite artists' live performances on board. For those of you looking for a fun first event, be sure to swing by the Solo Travelers Mixer at 4:00pm in Spinnaker Lounge (Deck 13, FWD).



Cabins Ready by 2:00pm

The ship's crew will make an announcement over the loudspeaker when all cabins are ready and that happens around 2:00pm.

Remember, should you choose to check your bags outside the cruise terminal, know that they may be delivered as late as 8:00pm, so keep items you’ll need until then in a carry-on.

Cash Accounts

Cash Accounts

Prefer to Use Cash for Onboard Purchases?

If you choose to settle your account with cash, a minimum deposit of $150.00 USD will be required. To set up your cash account, please visit Norwegian Guest Services (located in the Atrium, Deck 7, MID) as soon as you board the ship.



Complimentary Dining Options

Lotus Garden (Deck 7, MID)

Summer Palace (Deck 6, AFT) Pro tip: Walk to the back of Deck 7 and use the elevators or stairs to enter Summer Palace.

O'Sheehan's (Deck 8, MID)

Garden Cafe (Deck 12, MID)

Great Outdoors (Deck 12, AFT)




Specialty Dining Options

Sushi and Sashimi Bar (Deck 7, MID)

Teppanyaki (Deck 7, MID)

La Cucina Italian Restaurant (Deck 12, MID)

Cagney's Steakhouse (Deck 13, MID)

Moderno Churrascaria (Deck 13, MID)

Safety Briefing

Safety Briefing

Attend the Mandatory Safety Briefing

All guests must attend a mandatory Safety Briefing so you know what to do in the unlikely event of an emergency. This briefing will take place approximately 3:00pm - 3:45pm on Sunday, March 31st.

Listen for announcements from the ship's crew over the loudspeaker and then report to your Assembly Station—Norwegian staff will be on hand to direct you to the proper location for your briefing.

Beverage Package

Beverage Package

Need to Purchase a Beverage Package?

Visit O'Sheehans (Deck 8, MID, PORT) to purchase the Ultimate Beverage Package, Corks & Caps wine & beer package or the Soda Program.

For more information about purchasing a beverage package for the Melissa Etheridge Cruise, click here.

Please Note: Beverage Package pre-sailing purchases are only available through 3/21.

Bottled water can be purchased through Norwegian. To find out more about this process, please click here.

During the event

Look for these Shirt Colors to Help!

Look for these Shirt Colors to Help!

Looking for Answers?


Blue Shirts:
Event Needs


Yellow Shirts:
Security Needs


White Shirts:
Ship Needs

Stay Connected

Stay Connected

Download Norwegian's App

Cruise Norwegian is Norwegian Cruise Line's app where guests can access an array of information, pre-cruise and during the cruise.

Learn more about the features of the app here.

Event schedule

Be sure to grab your Day 1 event schedule and sailing FAQ when checking in at the Terminal on March 31st!

The schedule will be perforated where you can tear it off and carry it in your lanyard so you'll never miss a minute of the action.

The additional schedules for days 2-7 will be delivered to your cabin on Embark Day at turndown. Be sure to note that there are two differently colored schedules, so you can be sure you have one copy of each!

Schedule Updates & Announcements

Any schedule updates and announcements that are made over the intercom on board or in venues will be posted on and you are able to access this website for free when connected to the ship's Wi-Fi.

Important Hours

Important Hours

Do You Have Any Questions?

Our Sixthman team is happy to answer any questions you may have about your Melissa Etherdige Cruise! Stop by our Sixthman Guest Services Desk, located in The Atrium (Deck 7, MID) during our posted hours and we'll be happy to answer any questions.

If you miss us, just look for any Sixthman staffer (we're in the blue shirts) in our venues, and we're happy to assist you with any questions.

You may also find hours for Sixthman Guest Services at the bottom of our online schedule.



Shore Excursions

If you're seeking some adventure while visiting the exotic destinations of Harvest Caye, Costa Maya, and Grand Cayman, we recommend trying out one of the exciting shore excursions that are available for purchase! Make the most of your time on the shore by adding one of these adventures to your reservation. If you aren't able to book an excursion ahead of time, but change your mind on board, feel free to visit the Shore Excursion desk in the Atrium (Deck 7, MID).

Check out what shore excursions are offered while we're cruising here.

If you're undecided, check out Norwegian's article on the Top Things to Consider When Booking Cruise Shore Excursions to help you make a decision.



Merch Store Location

Visit our official The Melissa Etheridge Cruise merch store in the Library (Deck 12, FWD) to purchase all official Melissa Etheridge Cruise merch.

Please Note: Your Melissa Etheridge Cruise shirt guest gift will be given out during your assigned Melissa Etheridge photo op session.

Merch Store Hours

You may find hours for the merch store at the bottom of our online schedule.



How to Read Your MEC Keycards

We will be giving out one or two keycards to each cruiser on board.

The first keycard will be given to everyone who is cruising when you check in at the terminal. This will have your Melissa Etheridge assigned photo op time listed on the first line. For those of you who filled out our Shirt Sizing Survey with their appropriate shirt size for the Melissa Etheridge Cruise shirt guest gift, your size will also be listed on your card.

Please Note: If you did not fill out the Shirt Sizing Survey, we cannot guarantee we will have your shirt size on board, but we will try our best to accomodate when you are able to pick out your shirt during your assigned Melissa Etheridge Cruise photo op time.

Additionally, you will need this keycard to swipe into the room during your assigned Melissa Etheridge Cruise photo op time slot.


A select group of cruisers will also get a second keycard. This information will only pertain to you if you booked your cruise by 10/15 for the opportunity to have Coffee with Linda and/or if you are an M.E.I.N. member. Your assigned Coffee with Linda day and time will be listed on the top line of your secondary keycard and your M.E.I.N. status and join date will be listed on the second line of your secondary keycard.

Please Note: If you only qualify for one of these categories, you will only have one line of this information listed. Additionally, if you did not book by 10/15 and are not an M.E.I.N. Fan Club member, you will not receive a second keycard


M.E.I.N. Members

M.E.I.N. Members

M.E.I.N. Members

For those of you who are M.E.I.N. members, you will receive a secondary keycard with your M.E.I.N. status and join date listed; this will be picked up when you check into the Terminal.

A list of M.E.I.N. activities can be found here! Please note, those who joined after 1/31 are not elligible for the acoustic show activity. 

You must join the fan club by 3/23 to be elligible for the M.E.I.N. fan club. To join, please click here

Cabin Deliveries

Cabin Deliveries

Cabin Deliveries

Throughout the trip, Norwegian's friendly cabin stewards will make special deliveries to your stateroom. These items will be dropped off as they do turn-down services. If you have your wheel turned to Do Not Disturb, they cannot enter the room and you will NOT receive your items. Please check out the diagram below, for reference.

So, if you want to sleep in or you're taking a break from the fun and really do want DND up, use it. But, please remember to change it each time you leave the room - otherwise, you'll miss out on some cool stuff! 

Ship Tips

Ship Tips

I lost my room key

No problem! Visit Norwegian Guest Services in the Atrium (Deck 7, MID). They're open 24 hours and can replace your keycard.

Pro-tip: Norwegian's guest services team can also let you know your onboard spending balance at any time.

Help! I keep running into dead ends.

Use decks 7 and 12—you can walk all the way from the front to the back of the ship on these decks. Then take the FWD (front), MID, or AFT (back) elevators or stairs up or down.

Where can I buy sunscreen or aspirin?

Head to The Trade Routes Boutiques (Deck 7, MID) - they're stocked with lots of the amenities you just can't live without.

We have one bed, but we need two

Ring your stateroom steward at "00", and he or she will ensure your beds are arranged to your preference before evening turn down.